It is worthy to note that Human rights are inherent rights to be enjoyed by all human beings of the global village irrespective of your class, color, race, sexuality. It cannot be withdrawn, withheld or granted at someone’s whim or will. These rights are inalienable or imprescriptible, they are part of the very nature of a human existence and when they are removed from any human being, she will become less than human.

Human rights are the totality of all rights, which an individual inherits, simply by being human. Some of these natural rights are often selected and protected in the constitutions of various countries as fundamental or constitutional rights that must not be infringed upon but enhanced. The expression “human right” in its widest meaning embraces those civil, political, economic, social, cultural, group, solidarity, and development rights that are indispensable to a meaningful human existence.

Human Rights in Nigeria can be found in Chapter four of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( as amended) 1999 and other international treaties (e.g African Charter on Human and People's Right ACHPR which have been ratified and have become applicable in Nigeria. So as a citizen of Nigeria irrespective of your sexuality and gender, you can file for an action if any of your fundamental rights have been violated.

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